Life After Prison

We understand how difficult it can be to acclimate yourself back in a world with job requirements and bills. You must have a plethora of questions: What is the best way to get a job? How do you find housing? What if you have questions or concerns about your parole?

Luckily, Tarrant County has set you up for success and Tarrant Defense Attorneys are here to help you with any questions you might have along the way.

Finding A Career

One of the most difficult aspects after serving time is finding a job — especially one that is accepting of felons. The Tarrant County Re-entry Coalition has created a space to assist in this crucial step. The first step is to have the appropriate identification. Essentially, in order to be paid, you must have your Texas Identification card from the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with another form of identification like your social security.

The Re-entry Coalition also offers tips on a good interview skills, employment assistance, and a list of state and national employment programs.


There are meetings, communities and support groups for those seeking re-entry into the community.

On the application Experience Project is a whole section for “I am a convicted felon.” People in similar situations talk to each other, share their stories and seek advice, all in the security of anonymity of talking online.

The Re-entry Coalition also offers monthly meetings to help ex-offenders with all of their housing and job needs.


There are so many resources for housing — almost as much as the job searches.

One of the first things you are going to want to do is apply for Section 8 voucher, which allows you to afford suitable living accommodations. Unfortunately, this does have restrictions. Those who are violent offenders, convicted of sex crimes or those involved in the production of illicit drugs are not eligible.

Other viable options are those in the community who open their homes to offenders. Forgiven Felons is a great program that welcomes new inmates every month. You are provided with a month of hygiene, three sets of clothes and shoes, bus passes, and food.

And there are many programs just like that. Apartment Finds for Felons offers to help you find an apartment for free. However, be sure to read in detail. There is a long list of requirements that you must meet.

Legal Needs

There are rules and regulations and parole concerns that can take up the time that you need to look for housing and jobs. That’s where Tarrant Defense comes in. We specialize in criminal defense and offer a free consultation. Our attorneys have over 30 years of combined experience and can give legal advice and services for your issues. We can assist you in your legal needs, whether it’s for a DWI, Possession of Marijuana, Sexual Assault or Murder, we are here for you.