Why Selecting a Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Is Important

According to the Texas Board of Legal Specialization (TBLS), there are over 100,000 lawyers practicing in the state. Of those, only 7,400 are Board Certified. While this number may seem small, Texas still has more Board Certified criminal defense attorneys than any other state.

Certification is not mandatory, but it is difficult to achieve. In order to become certified, lawyers must go through a rigorous process to prove they are specialists in a specific area of law. For those facing charges, choosing a Board Certified criminal defense attorney means choosing the best.

What “Board Certified” Means

According to the State Bar of Texas, Board Certified lawyers are the only attorneys who can claim to be a specialist in their area of law. In order to earn that right, they must meet certain requirements.

An attorney must have practiced for at least five years in order to be eligible to even take the board exam. A significant portion of those years must have concentrated on the area of specialty. Attorneys must also prepare three references to be submitted before sitting for the exam.

Over the course of the six-hour exam, attorneys are tested on Texas criminal law, federal criminal law, and ethics. They must demonstrate extensive knowledge of the law, and show that they are committed to excelling in their specialty area.

After an attorney earns Board Certification status, they must continue to focus on their specialty legal field, and take annual legal education courses.

Why Choose a Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer

Any time an individual faces a legal situation, they want to work with the very best. This is particularly true when a person is facing criminal charges and the possibility of losing their freedom. Board Certified attorneys are the very best in their field, and they have taken the necessary steps to prove it.

Board Certified attorneys are often more knowledgeable in one particular area of law than other attorneys without a specialty. This is because they are able to focus on the many facets of just one area of law, instead of knowing only the basics of many different areas.

Certified attorneys have a vast knowledge of state and federal constitutional law and how it is applied to a case. A Board Certified criminal defense attorney will have the necessary experience during trial preparation to give the accused the best chance at success in the courtroom.

How to Find a Texas Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer

It is often difficult for individuals to know whether or not a criminal defense lawyer is Board Certified. The TBLS has made this easier though, with a simple search function on their website. The search results will display the name of lawyers, as well as their location and contact information.

Anyone who is facing charges should not trust just anyone else with their defense; a Board Certified criminal defense attorney in Texas has earned their mark of excellence. They want to put their experience and skill to work for those accused of committing a crime.