COVID-19 and Immigration Crimes

We Prioritize Your Freedom

With the recent impacts of COVID-19 on public health across the world, nearly every state in the US has implemented tight restrictions on communities. This includes businesses, schools and any public gathering of more than ten people. However, our firm identifies a particularly harmful effect of these measures to be courthouse closures and the resulting delays of court trials across all of Texas. We recognize how alarming this situation can be for those facing immigration crime convictions.

If you are one of these people, we want to hear from you. Our diligent team of attorneys has years of experience on both sides of federal and state courtrooms, therefore we can strategize the best methods of bringing your case in front of a judge regardless of these courthouse closures. You deserve a fair trial, and we will work aggressively to ensure you are afforded one.

Our high-achieving firm aims to protect clients from facing federal immigration penalties such as:

  • Deportation
  • Fines and court costs
  • Imprisonment of up to five years

We are powerful and persistent in defending clients who face immigration-related offenses such as:

  • Improper entry: Citizens of other countries who enter the United States without permission, in an area other than designated by immigration officers, or after their window of entry has expired
  • Passport fraud: Forgery or alteration of a passport, visa or other immigration-related document
  • Reentry after deportation: Individuals who reenter the United States without permission following a prior deportation
  • Marriage fraud: Couples who enter fraudulent marriages for the purpose of obtaining residence within the country
  • Assisting illegal entry: Any individual who helps an illegal immigrant to enter the country, avoid authorities or commit immigration fraud. This includes employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants

The impacts of these courthouse closures and schedule delays mean you could spend extended time in jail, be forced to pay fines without fighting them in court first, and worse, face deportation even in the absence of a trial hearing. We know how overwhelming these possibilities may seem, but our reputable team is confident in our ability to fight for a favorable outcome.

Luckily, Texas judges are utilizing alternatives such as Zoom and YouTube to stream and host court proceedings, but we can’t simply rely on technology. We will also:

  • Explore ways to postpone deportation sentences
  • Expedite your trial (via Zoom or YouTube)
  • Push for pretrial release on no-cost bonds
  • Inquire to lower bail postings
  • Pursue jail release options for low-level crimes

Our firm is fully operating while abiding COVID-19 health mandates. To do so, we are available to connect online or you can call us at (817) 402-2188. You shouldn’t suffer injustice for something that isn’t in your control. We are here for you.