COVID-19 and My Legal Case

Times Are Tough, But We Are Tougher

Times Are Tough, But We Are Tougher

On March 19th, Dr. John Hellerstedt, Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, declared a public health disaster due to the serious threat and substantial danger that COVID-19 poses to communities. On that same day, Governor Greg Abbot issued executive orders imposing restrictions on restaurants, schools, gyms and courthouses. Across the state, courthouses are temporarily closing and suspending many legal cases until further notice. This could either mean more time in jail or more time suffering the uncertainty of your verdict.

No one knows how long these delays will last, but that won’t stop us from fighting for the justice you deserve. You shouldn’t suffer due to this unforeseen crisis.

Our top-rated firm never settles for average. Instead, we go above and beyond to establish the most successful outcome for our clients. Though you may feel helpless and hopeless during this unnerving time, you can count on our powerful attorneys to protect your rights and freedom. Our extensive background on both sides of the court grants us insider knowledge on what it takes to bring your case in front of a judge.

In the wake of gatherings being limited to only ten people, judges are ordered to not conduct non-essential proceedings that exceed the ten-person limit. That is simply impossible. Our persistent defense attorneys will not just sit back as the judicial system decides which proceedings are considered “non-essential.” To us, every case is essential because your future and well-being are at stake.

We won’t let you sit around and wait for a judge to decide your fate. We will:

  • Request a court proceeding via Zoom or YouTube
  • Push for pre-trial release on no-cost bonds
  • Inquire to lower bail postings
  • Pursue jail release options for low-level crimes

Since your right to a fair trial is difficult to attain during this chaotic time, count on our trusted team to take matters into our own hands. We prioritize a favorable outcome despite the unexpected obstacles that come our way.

COVID-19 hasn’t changed our hours of operation. Don’t hesitate to contact us online or call (817) 402-2188 to express any questions or concerns you may have, as our team will dedicate every resource needed to carry out your case successfully.