Are There Criminal Penalties for Not Wearing a Mask in Texas?

Due to the recent spike of COVID-19 cases throughout Texas and all over the country, Gov. Greg Abbot issued an order to make wearing a mask or face covering mandatory for people in Texas counties where there are at least 20 confirmed cases of the coronavirus with several exemptions. If a person fails to follow the order, he/she may be given a fine.

The following are the exemptions from wearing face coverings:

  • Minors under 10 years of age
  • A person with a disability or medication condition that could be hindered while wearing a mask
  • Any person while eating or drinking, or while seated at a restaurant to dine.
  • Any person exercising or engaging in physical activity outdoors (including swimming), while social distancing from others who are not in the same household
  • Any person in a vehicle or with passengers from the same household as the driver
  • Temporary removal for security, screening, or identification purposes
  • Any person engaged in voting activity, whether participating in an election or helping the electoral process
  • Any person engaged in religious worship
  • Any person giving a speech to an audience or for a broadcast

In order to opt out of this law, a county must have fewer than 20 active COVID-19 cases. Since there are tens of thousands of cases throughout the state, only rural and sparsely populated counties qualify.

When it comes to the penalties, a first offense carries a verbal warning. A second violation or subsequent offense is punishable by a maximum fine of $250.

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