How to Avoid a DWI During Holiday Weekends

From Memorial Day and Labor Day to Thanksgiving and Christmas, long holiday weekends are an opportunity to take a trip or enjoy gathering with loved ones. However, these three- or four-day weekends are associated with a significant increase in alcohol consumption.

Long holiday weekends are generally associated with many drunk-driving related accidents, which result in both serious injuries and fatalities. Each holiday weekend is heavily patrolled by the police to ensure suspected drunk drivers are arrested and the roads are safe.

Since your chances of getting a DWI significantly increase during a holiday weekend, the following are several tips to avoid getting arrested:

  • Have a friend be your designated driver – If you know someone who doesn’t drink alcohol or doesn’t plan on drinking that night, ask him/her to be your ride home.
  • Use a rideshare service – Considered the most popular mode of transportation in recent years, you can request a ride to and from the event by using the Uber or Lyft app. Keep in mind, the driver may deny you service if you appear too intoxicated.
  • Sleepover – Whether you book a room at a hotel/motel or ask a friend who lives close to the event if you can spend the night, you can avoid driving entirely by staying over somewhere that’s close by.
  • Remain sober – If you don’t drink at all, then you cannot get arrested for DWI. Furthermore, you can be responsible for driving home anyone who is too intoxicated to drive.
  • Be the host – Why leave your home at all, if you can throw the event at your place. Offer your guests a place to sleep if they cannot drive or figure out ride arrangements.

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