Record Police During Traffic Stop with iPhone Shortcut

The viral video of George Floyd’s death by Minnesota law enforcement officials has sparked national outrage back in June over racial police violence. The truth is that such recordings can help identify police misconduct.

In 2018, Apple launched a feature for Siri known as “Shortcuts” to use a single command and allow Siri to perform a streamline of tasks. One of the shortcuts you could create is to record interactions with law enforcement officials by saying the phrase, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.”

First, ensure your iPhone is updated to at least iOS 12, then download the Shortcuts app. As soon as you say the phrase, Siri will stop any music or video being played, dim your phone, and your front-facing camera will start filming. Furthermore, the shortcut enables users to send a copy of the video and your current location to an emergency contact.

The following are several tips to take into consideration when recording the police:

  • The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives you the right to record the police, as long as you are not “interfering” with their work.
  • Be mindful of your own safety and the safety of the individual who are filming.
  • Make sure the settings on your phone enable you to automatically save photos and videos to a cloud or Google Drive in the event the police confiscate your phone.
  • If you can, show the clock to record the date and time, the street signs to show your location, and capture the names and badge numbers of the officers involved.

Although there is no equivalent of this feature for Android, there are similar apps available. Some are free, while others require purchase.

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