Past Prosecutors Fighting Your Texas Drug Crime Charges

No drug charge is minor. This is true whether you were caught with a small amount of marijuana on your person or with bricks of cocaine in the trunk of a car you were riding in. Because no matter the charge, a single drug crime conviction can lead to a lifetime of challenges, including difficulty getting a job, obtaining credit and finding reasonable housing.

At Goza & Carreras, Attorneys at Law, PC, we understand how the legal system works when it comes to drug charges. Let our team of criminal defense lawyers protect you from the immediate and future consequences. From our offices in Arlington, we serve clients across Arlington and the Mid-Cities.

We Defend Against All Drug Crimes

From marijuana possession to meth manufacturing, our experienced attorneys can handle all variety of drug crime charges involving drugs such as:

  • Marijuana (marihuana)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Manufactured drugs (K2)

We will not only attack the prosecution’s case against you, but we will also seek to recover any property lost due to civil forfeiture laws.

Don’t Fall Victim to Unnecessarily Harsh Prosecution

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, there is a belief within the criminal justice system that drug crimes lead to other types of criminal behavior. For this reason, prosecutors in our state tend to be tough on individuals charged with drug crimes. We’ve seen this first-hand, since one of our attorneys is also a former prosecutor.

Let us protect your rights as aggressively as the prosecution is seeking to convict you. We will provide you with the dedication and respect you deserve at this time—but won’t likely find elsewhere.

See if You Qualify for the First Offender Drug Program

Tarrant County offers a diversion program for many first-time drug offenders. Through this program, you can avoid the traditional criminal court process and consequences. While you must plead guilty to the charge put against you, you also get deferred sentencing. If you successfully complete the program, you earn the ability to withdraw your plea and the prosecution will dismiss its case against you.

You have only 90 days from the date of your case filing to apply for this program. And you must work with an attorney to submit the necessary paperwork. For more information, reach out to an attorney at Goza & Carreras today.

Schedule a Free Consultation to Learn More

Do not sit back and let one drug charge ruin your life. Let our team of experienced criminal defense lawyers fight for you. You can reach us online or you can call us at 817-369-3838. We offer both free in-office consultations and paid concierge appointments.