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Registering as a sex offender in Texas is an embarrassing and painful process. If you appear on the sex offender registry, you can expect to be targeted by law enforcement. You can also expect to have incredible difficulty securing decent housing, getting or keeping a job and finding a place in your community.

Avoiding the sex offender registration program is one of several reasons to get serious criminal defense help as soon as possible if you have been accused or are being investigated for a sex crime. At Goza & Carreras, Attorneys at Law, PC, our attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights of people facing sex crime allegations.

Public Notification in the Digital Age

Sex offender registration involves notifying the public of the sex offense you were convicted of or adjudicated for. You must announce to local law enforcement the nature of your offense and where you live. You must provide them with a color photo. You must also report back to them on a regular basis so they can keep tabs on you. If you fail in any of your obligations, the State will prosecute you for a felony and you may end up in prison.

The basics of the sex offender registry are burdensome. The reality in the modern age is worse. Background checks are routine for employers, lenders and in the housing industry. Registering as a sex offender can make it impossible to get an apartment or a home in a safe neighborhood. It can make it impossible to get a job.

Moreover, in some areas and for certain offenses, law enforcement may even plaster your picture on a website or mail a postcard with your details to all the businesses and residences in your neighborhood. That can make you a target for harassment or even violence. In short, registering as a sex offender can affect virtually every aspect of your life in a negative way.

Aggressive Defense Against Sex Offender Registration

Our lawyers have decades of experience in criminal defense, as well as experience with prosecution and forensic sciences. We understand every angle in the case against you. That experience allows us to fight for the best outcome for you. Our goal is to keep you off the sex offender registry to give you a chance at a normal life moving forward.

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The sooner we can get involved, the better our chances of keeping you off the sex offender registry. There are a number of options available, as long as you contact us as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more options you may lose.

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