Comprehensive Defense of Domestic Violence Charges

The social stigma of a domestic violence conviction is nearly as debilitating as its criminal consequences. Your reputation, your job and your living situation may all be at risk. Limit that risk by working with a team of attorneys focused on keeping any indications of family violence off of your criminal record.

At Goza & Carreras, Attorneys at Law, PC, our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience representing individuals facing domestic violence charges. Whether you are a professional seeking to keep your record and reputation clean or a partner currently going through divorce, turn to us. We will dedicate our efforts to defending your rights and protecting your record throughout the process.

Texas Domestic Assault Laws

Domestic assault law differs from Texas’s simple assault law in only one way—it adds a layer of family violence when the alleged victim of the violence is a/an:

  • Child
  • Parent
  • Spouse
  • Sibling
  • Intimate partner
  • Roommate or cohabitant

Another special circumstance surrounding domestic violence charges is that a police officer can arrest someone without having witnessed any part of the incident. This raises questions of whether arrest involved the perpetrator or victim, or whether any type of assault (either actual injury or threat of imminent injury) took place.

We Are Former Prosecutors & Experienced Defense Attorneys

We have 35-plus years of experience in the criminal justice system. Several of those years include previous prosecutorial experience. This means we know how to analyze the facts against you, poke holes in the prosecution’s arguments and identify if you are eligible for special diversion programs that will keep your record clear.

Domestic Violence Diversion Program

This pre-trial diversion program allows select defendants facing family violence charges the opportunity to avoid the traditional court process. It allows these defendants to participate in a non-adversarial probation process that provides tools for defendants to use to avoid future instances of violence. If you are successful in meeting the terms of your probation, the prosecution will drop its charges against you and your record will remain clean.

Protect Your Record & Reputation. Call Us Today.

To learn if you are eligible for Tarrant County’s pre-trial diversion program, or to determine which defense strategies may be available to you in defeating the prosecution’s case against you, call us today. We offer free in-office consultations, serving Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Hurst Euless, and Bedford, and may also have paid concierge appointments available. For more information, call us at 817-369-3838 or email our domestic violence defense lawyers.