Fort Worth/Tarrant County Defense Attorneys Fighting Juvenile Drug Charges

There is a line between youthful transgressions and serious trouble. When a child is arrested or charged with a juvenile drug crime, that line has been crossed. The State of Texas handles juvenile crimes with different rules than adult crimes. The penalties for a juvenile convicted of a drug crime are different than they would be if the child were an adult.

Juvenile crimes are different, but they are no less serious than any other criminal prosecution. If your child thinks that juvenile criminal proceedings are a laughing matter, a wake-up call is in order.

At Goza & Carreras, Attorneys at Law, PC, we fight for the best possible outcome for our clients. In cases of juvenile drug charges, the best outcome includes protecting your child’s present and future. Our Texas juvenile defense lawyers have 35-plus years of combined criminal defense experience. We know just how serious criminal law violations can be for juveniles and for the adults they will become.

Drug Offenses, Addiction and Culture

Even if you take your child’s case seriously, he or she may not. Juvenile offenders rarely appreciate the gravity of the situation. Children may not believe in drug addiction. They might think it happens to others, but not to them. The drug culture may be attractive to them because they don’t understand where it leads, or they don’t care.

Our attorneys have the experience to help your child in and out of the courtroom. We work to help kids accused of juvenile drug crimes appreciate just how much trouble they are facing.

Juvenile Drug Crimes Defense

Parents often express concern if they believe their children are running with a bad crowd. That concern can turn into alarm when things escalate. Maybe you find drugs or drug paraphernalia in your child’s room. Maybe you notice that prescription drugs have gone missing from your medicine cabinet. Maybe cash or valuables have gone missing. When law enforcement gets involved, you need legal protection for your son or daughter.

We handle all juvenile drug crimes in Texas, including:

  • Marijuana possession, distribution or delivery
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • K2 (synthetic marijuana) crimes
  • Hash oil or concentrated THC crimes
  • Possession, distribution or delivery of heroin

While these are among the most common offenses, juveniles can be charged with any drug crime an adult can. Our drug crime defense attorneys represent juveniles charged with any offense.

Take Steps to Protect Your Child’s Future Now. Call Us Today.

Few things can match the power of drugs to destroy a child’s future. A conviction for a juvenile drug offense can be too much to overcome, even if the child does manage to turn things around and avoid further run-ins with the law.

A strong defense is vital in cases involving drug offenses. If your child has been arrested or charged with a drug crime, you need help right away. Call us at 817-369-3838 or contact our criminal defense team online to request your free consultation. We can discuss your child’s options and find a way to work together to get the best possible outcome.